The minimum gross salary to increase as of February 2017

As of 1 February 2017, the minimum gross salary guaranteed as payment will be 1,450 lei. The salary corresponds to an average monthly programme of 166 hours, meaning an hourly value of 8.735 lei/hour.
The new minimum gross salary of 1,450 lei corresponds to a net salary of 1,017 lei and a total cost per employee of 1,780 lei.
Setting a basic salary lower than the minimum gross salary is a contravention and is subject to a fine from 300 lei to 2,000 lei, an amount applied to each individual agreement where the provision of this legislative act has not been complied with. 
In 2017, we are implementing two gross minimum salaries, namely:
  • a) the amount of 1,250 lei for January 2017;
  • b) the amount of 1,450 lei as of February 2017.