Payroll and Personnel Management Services

Personnel Management

Services for business incorporation

  • Maintaining the General Employee Register up to date
  • Drafting and recording the individual employment contracts in REVISAL
  • Preparing, reviewing and compiling employee files
  • Drafting and documenting employment records: addenda, agreements, notices, employment termination forms, briefing documents 
  • Managing the employee database
  • Recording and updating the details related to dependants
  • Managing employee mobility
  • Managing employment contracts 
  • Releasing employment certificates to employees – extra charge
  • Drafting employment termination / suspension etc. documents
  • Compiling a job vacancy list and filing it with AJOFM Cluj;
  • Drafting addenda to employment contracts


  • Managing and reviewing primary documents (time sheets, certificates, resolutions)
  • Calculating wages and contributions payable to state institutions, filing statements, in compliance with the legislation in force
  • Drafting, recording and sending out salary statements
  • Updating information on leave entitlements (annual leave, sick leave, unpaid leave, paid leave, maternity leave).
  • Preparing payment orders (electronic form or hardcopy) for related contributions