Starting a business in Cluj

Why Cluj, Romania is a great place to invest in 2016
If your plan is to set up your own company in Cluj, Romania, you will enjoy the advantages of skilled workforce at very competitive prices and low taxation for the profit. It all starts with a good idea, a well-developed plan and finding the right team to gain your trust and to provide the most complete service on the market in order to succeed. Before investing in a place, first you must analyze if it’s suitable for your type of business.
Trends in Romania

Romania is has been a member of the European Union since January 2007. For the last several years the country experienced constant economic growth, an increase of stability regarding the business environment an a rise in the number of experienced professionals. Romania also benefits from its strategic positioning and last but not least breathtaking landscapes.
Until  now various companies invested in different industries from Romania such as: energy, manufacturing, electronic components, consumer products, telecommunications, automotive industry, medical industry or agriculture.
Why Cluj
Cluj Napoca is the second largest city in Romania, after Bucharest, the Capital, and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country, with a  multicultural population and a well-educated workforce. The Most commonly  studied languages in Cluj are: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
With a population of more than 300.000 people and over 100.000 students, 11 universities, 23 research institutes, Cluj is considered to be the heart of Transylvania having the most expanding economiy in Romania in the last decade, which attracted investors worldwide.
Cluj’s labor force is  well-known for its excellency in domains such as research and development, communication services and technology in Romania.
Cluj Napoca is an important center for scientific research and technological development, being the largest center for innovation and business opportunities in Transylvania.
Also, to help the investors, the Cluj County Council created Tetarom Industrial Park to encourage regional economic growth and attract local and foreign investment. The Tetarom model is not necessarily implemented as an  industrial park, but rather, as a business park model, as it encompasses three areas: industry services and business incubator.
The city is considered a Silicon Valley of Europe with more than 15,000 employees in IT , many of them within internationally recognized companies. Cluj has attracted many companies that manage highly valuable customers that conduct business in premium sectors across Europe.
And besides all of the above, there are many funds  available that allow Romania to align its economy with the rest of the EU. 
Foreign investments
Recognize these names?

Your competitors are in Cluj ...
De´Longhi, Bosch, Transcarpatica, Karl Heinz Dietrich International, Henschel România, Emerson, Genpact, Ernst&Young, Delloite, 3Pillar Global, Bombardier and many others.
Can your company afford to miss out on this important opportunity?  
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