Top 5 Reasons to Invest in the Establishment of an IT Company in Cluj-Napoca

Romania was first mentioned in the "Top 25 Countries for Overseas Investment" report published in Bloomberg in 2010, and in 2014 it was mentioned by the Forbes Magazine among the countries that are perfect for business. Investment fields in Romania vary from agriculture and healthcare to IT and automotive industry.

One of the most appealing cities in terms of business is Cluj-Napoca, the most important city in Transylvania. The city enjoys a strategic position, being located in the center of Transylvania. Cluj has an international airport and is ranked above other similar communities in Romania due to its intelligence resources. The city's work force is known for its excellence in fields such as research, development, communication and technology. The city with a strong development trend is currently a much appreciated destination for companies in the IT&C and R&D industry, being a core point of interest for such industries.

Top 5 reasons to invest in the establishment of an IT company in Cluj-Napoca:

1.       Competitive advantage. Cluj-Napoca is a pillar of academic excellence, where the academic environment is a source of creativity, innovation and research. Another strong point of the city resides in the remarkable language skills of the work force, as well as its abilities and technical knowledge.
2.       Globalization. The community has developed a tradition of cultural and multi-ethnic diversity, being a multicultural space that is working well in terms of multicultural policy implementation. There are many other worldwide IT companies that have outsourced their services here. Ever since Romania has entered the European Union, in 2007, this university city has become an Eldorado of IT companies that have come here in order to take advantage of the low operating costs.
3.       Innovation. There city features an excellent development potential for an ICC (Innovative, Creative, Competitive) economy and will have an intelligent economic growth.
4.       Cost efficiency. Giant companies such as: Endava, EBS Romania, Iquest, Evozon, Epitech, Codespring, Pentalog or Arobs develop here applications, e-commerce platforms or other software for large companies worldwide.
5.       Tax exemption. Programmers are exempted from income tax, which means lower HR expenses.   

These are but a few of the reasons to invest in the IT industry in Cluj-Napoca. Industrial parks for investors are another important aspect. Internet speed with 34.13 Mbps has placed the city on the 16th position in a worldwide download top made by NetIndex.

Be innovative and find the niche in which you want to invest and do not forget to plan ahead all the steps of your business. If you need consultancy in order to find a balance between the enthusiasm of a new business and the difficult bureaucratic part, the A&I Consulting team is ready to help. You can contact us here.