A team of true professionals that is always us up to date, providing quality services and fast assistance, adapted to the current market dynamic, particularly in the IT field.

Adrian Mot, Managing Director
Pareri Clienti AI Consulting


This is a trustworthy company, with professionals in the area of Accounting, experienced with IT companies. I am pleased with the services that A&I Consulting has provided me. Therefore, I deemed it necessary to express my appreciation in writing, as well as to recommend them to any company seeking proper Accounting services.

Punktgenau Srl
Balea Simina, Manager
Pareri Clienti AI Consulting


Dimeco SRL is a company acting in the field of ironworks since 1997, addressing the foreign market in the ratio of 95%.
In the past years, our company’s activity has become more complex, requiring new and adequate organisational solutions. Implementing such organisational solutions would not have been possible without a dedicated and well-defined fiscal- accounting team.  
The flexibility of our partners and their ability to understand our work methods in order to adapt – within the legal boundaries – the administrative-accounting system to the production needs and not the other way round has proved to be of great importance to us. 
Since we first met, the two lady shareholders of A&I Consulting impressed us with their energy and determination, with the passion they invest in their activity. Fortunately, this passion transcends their every day activity. 
We began our collaboration with A&I Consulting in the beginning of 2013, when we realized that we need someone with positive thinking and problem-solving orientated.
Within the last two years, our company’s activity has quite varied – with a diverse product typology and delivery methods, and the entire team supervised by Ioana, one of the two shareholders of the company, has always been the one coming with a solution to the problem, even in the most complicated situations. 
When you have trucks waiting at the gate and an administrative problem occurs, you need availability and readiness in order to identify the optimal accounting or fiscal solutions. A&I Consulting is a reliable partner that knows how to react when necessary and to assume and defend their decisions before the Fiscal Administration. 
Another important aspect of our collaboration with A&I Consulting is that we maintained the tax compliance and the accounting methods agreed by our company’s managerial team. A&I Consulting perfectly adjusted to our requirements and we haven’t encountered any problem with the accuracy of data or the delivery time of the requested information. 
We decided to collaborate with A&I Consulting on the human resources part as well, since they have experts who permanently monitor law updates and easily and carefully manage personnel files. 
There are many good accountants and fiscal consultants on the market, but A&I Consulting is the only one that offered us more. We found an open-minded, proactive partner, interested in our business development. A simple discussion with Ioana lead to the idea of accessing non-returnable funds and the speed with which she found partners and put us on the right track was amazing. Five months from that discussion and we have the project approved and we prepare to implement it.  
In conclusion, we are more than happy with the choice we made! We strongly recommend the A&I Consulting team for their dedication and professionalism.

Dimeco SRL
Corina Farczadi, Production Management
Pareri Clienti AI Consulting


Translator SRL is now a translation company with in-house translators in Transylvania, ISO 9001 certified and member of AFIT and EUATC. Translator SRL currently operates with 13 in-house employees and more than 300 freelancers (translators, revisers, terminologists, interprets and DTP experts in Romania,  Europe, USA, Canada and Asia).
We provide translation, website and software localization, interpreting and desktop publishing (DTP) services in more than 36 languages, for corporate clients and public  authorities.
The market and our customers' requirements, and the multinational companies' requirements in the first place, have changed significantly in the last years, this trend following in all domains.
Consequently, our services have adapted and changed in time by entering a professional level that keeps up with the level of the multinational compan ies we serve.
In this context, we needed a reliable accountancy supplier and a financial expert that could understand our services and work methods and provide a long-term partnership we could benefit from in terms of cost optimization and accurate tax compliance. And so we started our collaboration with A&I Consulting, in the early 2013.
Within the last two years, the A&I Consulting team has offered us transparency, availability, the best fiscal solutions for our administrative problems, a positive approach to the most complicated situations.
Always on time, always prepared with up to date legal and fiscal information!
We definitely recommend A&I Consulting as a highly professional and open-minded partner!

Translator SRL
Octaviana Albu, Manager
Pareri Clienti AI Consulting

Finding A&I Consulting was a simple internet search. Among all the results and companies contacted A&I Consulting was the company that was prompt in responses and follow ups. In general, in Romania companies don’t answer phones, return calls when leaving voice mails or answer emails, or if they do it takes a long time. A&I Consulting was indeed matching the speed of any company in USA. This was a huge plus as we wanted to move very quickly with the process of opening the company.
A&I Consulting was the reason the company was created in a matter of two weeks.
From the _rst meeting, Ioana one of the associates, took her time to explore options and give advices on what and how to proceed to be able to open the company in the shortest amount of time possible. Once the decision has been taken with the American partners, the speed and the progress was, in a way, unbelievable, compared to the normal speed (aka extremely slow) of Romanian government interaction.
A&I Consulting has lawyer partners and also established channels of communication with the governmental agencies (especially Romanian Finance Department) which made everything very smooth and fast. I was extremely pleased by this because it saved us a lot of time and “sitting in line”. Furthermore A&I Consulting guided us to change from a non-tax paying company into a tax-paying company which is better for a software company (another thing we did not know). Furthermore once we started hiring personnel the fact that we can outsource also the HR to A&I Consulting was a huge plus for us (which was included in the package), this way we can truly keep our focus on what is important for us, knowing and trusting the HR and Accounting is taking care of (one less worry).
All in all we are very pleased with our decision and especially how prompt and knowledgeable the A&I Consulting staff is. A true partner for success of any company.
Best of luck!

InteliX Software SRL
Pareri Clienti AI Consulting